TicketKosta are reseller of live events tickets. Prices may be higher or lower than face value.
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TicketKosta are reseller of live events tickets. Prices may be higher or lower than face value.

Question: I haven’t booked hotel or apartments yet in the city of the match. Can I book my match tickets first?
Answer: Yes you can. You can book your tickets prior to booking hotel or apartments and send the address when you have it (but not later than 4-5 days before match). When you place your order, on the checkout page under the section choose provide address later.

Question: When will I receive the tickets?
Answer: We normally ship the tickets 3-4 days before the event. You will receive the tickets between 1 to 3 days prior to the event. For some events we will be able to ship the tickets far in advance, however, due to the nature of this market, we cannot guarantee an earlier delivery.

Question: How will I receive my tickets?
Answer: Usually we send the tickets to any address in the country of the event, but each event has a different delivery method, hand delivery / pick up location / post-delivery / courier delivery / box office collection. You will be notified what the delivery methods are.
  • By post (locally or internationally) - a tracking number will be forwarded to the Customer via an email address that the customer has provided to the Company on registration. The Customer can browse through the courier's website and follow his/her envelope by entering the tracking number.
  • By a private courier - hand delivery to any residency or hotel. Refusal to receive on behalf of the Customer, by any person that was specifically authorized by the customer to receive the tickets on his/her behalf, or by any hotel representatives that were specifically authorized by the Customer to receive the tickets on his/her behalf, and to sign with their full name and signature proving that they had been given the correct tickets in quantity and category as ordered, will still be considered as order delivered as agreed. In such case, the Company will not be held responsible.
  • E-Ticket: if the ticket is an electronic ticket – we will email it to the email address you have provided us. You should print the ticket and bring the printout with you to the match.
  • Mobile tickets (downloadable tickets to a mobile device such as smartphone or tablet) - instructions with ticket details and a link for downloading an app to a mobile device is sent to the customer's email address. The ticket can be presented at the gate by displaying it on the designated app provided by the event organizer. The Company will not be held liable for non-delivery of tickets and no refund will be issued by the Company.
  • Stadium Collection - some tickets are to be collected from the stadium only - usually with a proof of ID or voucher. Full details and instructions will be sent to the customer prior to the match.
  • At a Pick-Up-Point (Aka meeting/collection point) -  Occasionally, customers will want to receive their tickets on match day since they are coming only for the match and returning back home immediately after the match. In such cases or in the case of a late order (in the last 24 hours prior to the match), a pick-up-point will be set for the customer`s convenience. 
Question: Will my seats be together?
Answer: The guarantee we offer is a minimum of pairs tickets together for adjacent seats unless the category description mentions otherwise. In addition, some events categories will offer single tickets only. In that case, it will be shown on the category description. 

Question: Are the tickets for home or away supporters?
Answer: All of the categories are intended for the home supporters, apart from the category called “away section”. If this category does not exist in a specific event, it means there are no away supporters’ tickets available for the event.

Question: The seating category shown on the site and the category printed on the ticket, are they the same?
Answer: Not always. We have built our own categories to simplify the order process.
The category description is available on-site.
The exact seat number, row and section will be shown on the ticket itself.

Question: How are ticket prices determined and why am I being charged a higher price than the “face value” presented on the ticket?
Answer: TicketKosta is a secondary market broker that connects between sellers and buyers from all around the globe. We offer access to high demand, hard to get or sold-out events. Therefore, ticket prices are subjected to change rapidly according to market supply and demand. Ticket prices on the secondary market are always higher than the ticket face value (price marked on the ticket). The time of purchase also affects the price – in most cases, the closer you’re getting to the event date the more likely it is that the prices will be higher and availability limited.

Question: Are my tickets guaranteed?
Answer: All tickets that we are selling are genuine and authentic. All paid orders are final and guaranteed. Customer satisfaction is highly important to us and we will do our best to make sure you are happy. 

Question: Which payment methods can I use to pay for my tickets?
Answer: Currently we’re accepting the following payment methods: Visa,Master Card, Unioun Pay card payments. Aliipay 
(Chinese: 支付宝), ApplePay mobile and online payments platform, Instant online bank transfer via Trustly, SafetyPay systems but depending on the region(country).For Bank Transfer via invoice inquires, please choose pay by Bank transfer icon in the final check out page and our team will contact you shorlty.

Question: What fees am I being charged for?
Answer: The only fee that we’re charging is a booking fee per ticket. You can view the total order amount during the checkout before you submit your payment details. The order amount includes: total price of tickets, booking fee minus any discount or coupon amount used in your order. We do not have any hidden fees and we do not charge any exchange rates. The amount that you see in the total order amount is the amount we will charge you.

Question: What Currency will I be charged?
Answer: We are a European company. Therefore the charging will always be in British Pounds Sterling, even if the original price was displayed in a different currency.

Question: Can I cancel the Ticket after the purchase?
Answer: Unless the event has been cancelled, once a ticket has been purchased, there is no exchange, refund or cancellation.

Question: What if the event date has been rescheduled?
Answer: Event date and time are subject to change - these changes are not controlled by the company but by the official organizer. You are advised to check the correct date and time from time to time, and make your personal arrangements for attending the match on the new date and time. If, for example, an event is rescheduled, the original tickets will still be valid and there is no need for any further action. 

Questions: Are you working with travel agencies?
Answer: Yes, we are, and travel agents and corporate customers are most welcome. If you want to send a group to watch a game, it’s an awesome idea and we have the right solution for you. Please contact our team and we will provide you with all the necessary details. Please use the contact form to contact us. In your message, please provide us with necessary information such as: which game you’re planning to attend, how many people are in the group, what categories are you interested in and/or what is your budget.